I believe that there are three core disciplines of entrepreneurship – command of opportunity, organization and self.  There are combinations of those three factors that work well, and others that don’t.  


For some who are highly oriented to a command-and-control mindset, a self-managed organization is not compatible, neither as an organization such a person would lead nor as an organization where such a person would work.  The counter perspective is also true.  A command-and-control managed organization will not be a happy environment for one who sees others as extensions of themselves, who honors the whole person in another, and who is open to serendipity and unlocking the inherent intelligence and capabilities.  


This is not to suggest that one variety of management system is inherently better than another, or that one personality type is inherently better than another.  What matters is that there is alignment between the styles and culture of organization and individual.  When properly matched to organizational structures that align with their personality and preferences, individuals can soar.   


This is an important reminder for managers.  Managers that seek to distribute decision-making authority into the organization will likely experience push-back from employees who expect a more hierarchical decision-making process.  Before the employees will be comfortable assuming decision-making authority, the manager will need to develop their people to understand the ground rules of how decisions can happen in a more distributed way, and what happens when things go well and when they do not.  Can the manager guarantee that their people will be safe in either scenario?  


As such, there is much more to culture than snacks in the kitchenette and foosball tables.  Culture results from the totality of small decisions and actions taken within the framework of organizational governance and management. 


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