What I’m Up To

Raising two great kids with my wife of eighteen years.

Introducing Product/Market Expeditions – the tactics of customer development interviews – to entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. 

Developing a blog and information resource focused on the three interwoven disciplines of entrepreneurial success: command of self, command of opportunity, and command of organization.  

Building ways to democratize entrepreneurial know-how and capacity throughout the world, especially in underserved communities.


“Three men worked in the quarry.  A master architect for the church stopped at each to ask what they were doing.  

The first responded, ‘breaking rocks’; the second responded, ‘working a job to feed my family’; the third responded, ‘helping to build a cathedral dedicated to the glory of god, and one day I aspire to design my own cathedral’.

The first died within the year.  The second lasted another ten.  The third became the architect’s apprentice, eventually designed many cathedrals himself, and lived long into old age.”

– ancient parable retold by Srikumar Rao


What is your cathedral?