I mentioned yesterday that creating a short list of your top 5-10 values can be a powerful filter for finding the flow of the Universe.  How does this work?


The next step in this process is to describe your ideal life in the major parameters that matter to you most.  Typical areas include, career, finances, family, love, spirituality, fun, learning and health.  


The challenge in describing your ideal life in these areas is that it is hard to parse what is your own authentic interest and desire, versus what are things you are “supposed” to strive for according to outside constructs like cultural norms or family expectations, etc.  It is easy to find yourself carrying the expectations of outside constructs without realizing that they may not actually resonate with you. 


So by listing out the values you hold today, you can see whether or not the descriptions of your life that you are putting to paper square with the values themselves.  If you state “Adventure and Risk” as a key value, but are working toward a career as an accountant, you would want to examine if your values and goals are aligned.  (Maybe they are.  This is primarily an exercise to expose your basic assumptions for examination.)


There is much to say about how to craft one’s declarations that I may return to in future posts.  The point I want to make here is that once your declarations are on paper, reading them outloud to yourself every day tunes your mind to opportunities that support your intentions.  With this conscious tuning, you unlock resources and support that might have remained dormant otherwise.  To paraphrase Goethe, “Commit yourself fully to a goal, and the Universe will reveal and unleash resources and support you never realized existed.”


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